LAMMA 2012: GM-R shows first self-propelled sprayer

Suffolk-based GM-R had a production version of its first self-propelled sprayer on display at LAMMA.

The Fieldcruiser is available with tanks from 3,000-5,000-litres and steel booms up to 32m.

A 180hp Deutz engine provides power for the Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic system. A New Holland forager cab makes for a pretty luxurious office with leather seats, a fridge and Bluetooth hands-free kit.

But the kit-count doesn’t stop there. There is a TeeJet GPS guidance system that includes auto-section switching and a reversing camera. Out on the boom there are 48 blue LEDs to light up individual nozzles for night spraying. All in all, it’s a pretty high-spec package that will set you back £127,000.

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