Lamma 2012: Larrington and Pel trailers show new ways of emptying

Larrington trailer


Lincolnshire firm Larrington Trailers was showing its ejector trailer, a new design that uses a hydraulically powered bulkhead to push the contents out the back. A two-stage ram does the pushing and the bulkhead has a rubber edge on it, so that as it moves towards the back of the trailer the floor is left clean, even with grain.

It has some distinct advantages over the standard tipping trailer, says the firm’s Richard Larrington. For a start, it means that even big trailers can be emptied in sheds where there isn’t enough height for a tipping trailer. It also avoids the dangers of trailers tipping over when they are emptying variable-density loads.

With the rear door of the trailer clamped shut, the bulkhead can also act as a pressurising ram to compress low-density loads like silage, compost, chicken manure and woodchip. The company reckons that up to 30% more weight of material can be put in the same trailer.

The relatively small amount of space taken up by the bulkhead and ram housing is compensated for by a tailgate that extends to the rear by some 30cm.

The system can be fitted to any of the firm’s trailers and adds about £10,000 to the asking price. The trailer on display was a pukka 43cu m (24t) unit with three axles (two of them steerable) that sells for about £50,000.

Pel Systems


Conveyor trailers are also proving an increasingly popular choice for potato and other root crop growers. Ezy Crop – imported by veg kit specialist Pel Systems – has been developed to reduce scuffing damage to crops after harvesting.

As well as the walking floor, the M12000 also boasts hydraulically driven side conveyors, a new concept according to the Irish firm’s Thomas Carpenter.

A 12t capacity trailer was on show, but larger sizes can be specified and the trailer comes equipped with a hydraulic rear-discharge tailboard.

Also standard is the clever floor sensor control that controls hopper filling. This ensures the conveyor maintains a controlled fill rate until the hopper is full, at which point the conveyor is stopped to prevent over-filling and avoid damage to the crop.

The trailer also comes with sprung drawbar and dual hydraulic/air brakes. Optional extras including flotation tyres, a roll-over cover and camera kit. List price of the Ezy Crop is £31,000.

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