LAMMA 2012: Rats leave farmers with £25m bill

Rats cause up to £25m worth of damage to farm buildings and equipment each year and are a major cause of farm fires, according to Bayer.

Speaking prior to the LAMMA event Ken Black, Bayer’s national account manager for rural hygiene, said rodents were causing large amounts of damage to property and equipment and were thought to be to blame for over 20% of farm fires.

“Rodents are believed to account for between £16-25 million worth of damage on farms each year,” he said.

“Figures estimate the most significant economic damage is caused from the gnawing of electrical cables. Rats need to gnaw – with no regulation on the growth of their teeth they have to gnaw continually to keep the length down.

“This gnawing can cause short-circuiting and the breakdown of equipment, leaving some farmers faced with considerable repair bills, if not significant wiring replacement costs.”

Bayer is profiling a new rodenticide called Rodilon which comes in a block form which encourages rats to gnaw upon it , rather than wiring.

The block is also moisture and mould resistant, making it good for use in damp or humid conditions.

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