LAMMA 2012: Traffic problems on show approach

Farmers are reporting traffic problems causing delays on some of the approaches to the LAMMA show.

Event organisers opened the car parks at 6am in a bid to ease traffic congestion on the major routes and thousands took advantage of this facility.

But queues were already forming on the A1 on the final approach by 7.30am, meaning the final few miles to the showground are slow moving.

By early on Wednesday morning (18 January) reports were also starting to emerge of stationary traffic further afield, from farmers sharing information via Twitter.

Several referred to an accident on the A46 northbound between the A52 and A6097 which was causing severe delays.

Others said they were moving only ‘metres per hour’ on the A453 near Nottingham.

One farmer told Farmers Weekly that the delays were so bad he had given up and gone back to his farm.

Martin Casswell from Lincolnshire said he was furious. “The A1 and A46 are dual carriageways and they were log-jammed a long way out from the showground.

“Every year we suffer the same difficulties. The main topic of conversation is about how much time it has taken to get in and not about the machinery that is on show,” Mr Casswell said.

“The organisers should consider relocating the show or at least revise the way cars are allowed to enter the site. Something has to be done – it is spoiling the event,” he said. 

But Cliff Preston, commerical director for the show, said it was largely traffic accidents further away from the site that were causing the problems.

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