Lamma: Accurate OSR sowing with He-Va’s Accu Disc

Sowing oilseed-rape directly behind a subsoiler is an establishment method in vogue right now and He-Va’s new Accu Disc till-seeding system is a slightly different example of the genre.

It’s a toolbar that bolts behind a subsoiler or disc roller and is designed to place the seed into the loosened stubble at a consistent depth.

Each Accu Disc unit consists of a double disc coulter to open a slot in the soil and place the seed. The coulter hangs on a spring-mounted parallelogram linkage, which should mean it follows the contours of the ground. Trailing the discs is a gang of rubber press wheels which close and consolidate the seed slot.

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The Accu Disc units themselves are mounted on a seed bar, which provides centralised depth and pressure adjustment.

The idea is to improve both crop establishment and root structure. Lincolnshire firm Opico, which imports the He-Va machinery, reckons that consistent depth is the most important factor in good germination and evenness of plant size.

The Accu Disc seeding system in available in 3m, five-leg form, or larger 4.4m and 5m folding layouts. Prices range from £3,564 to £6,378.