Lamma: Anderson Stackpro shifts straw bales quickly

The time taken by contractors to get straw bales off harvested fields is one of the biggest bugbears for arable farmers who decide to sell their straw.

Investing in specialist bale collection kit such as Anderson’s Stackpro bale collector might help speed up the job, though. It can shift bales up to 1,100kg in weight and can carry up to 12 bales at a time with a 120x130cm cross-section.

The heavy-duty Canadian-made collector uses an automated clamp system to load bales on to the stacking table. Anderson’s clamping system should avoid any damage to bale twine, too.

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Off-loading the bales is a quicker job – yank a spool to hoist the platform until it’s vertical and the bales should stay in a stack while you drive off. If they tumble down you’ve done something wrong…

The Stackpro will need 7.2m headroom during tipping and can be used to pick up and shift existing stacks as well. You can also use it to shift small square bales as long as they’re packed into groups.

Handy extras that come with the basic spec include an electronic control panel, which weighs the bales and keeps a running total. Minimum recommended tractor size is 150hp.