Lamma: Grazemate Drover moves cattle by text message

Dairy farmers can now let their cows in and out of paddocks by sending a text message.

Grazemate is a clever new portable paddock barrier that will open and close on a timer or by sending a text message. The extendable barrier can bridge gaps as wide as 3.6m and it has a flying lead to connect it to the electric fence.

It also comes with a retractable fencing ribbon for filling bigger gaps that will extend to 10m.

Inside, there’s a pay-as-you go SIM card that needs about £10 credit every six months to keep running. However, it does cost a bit more it the farmer requests a text back from the barrier to confirm it’s open.

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Power is provided by two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These last about five days in text message mode and three weeks when set on the timer. However, there is an option to upgrade the 4Ah batteries to bigger 6Ah or 10Ah versions that will last even longer.

Setting up the unit takes a matter of seconds as it is simply strapped to a fence post using a ratchet strap.

The Grazemate unit including batteries, the retractable barrier tape and battery charger is £595.