Lamma: Ifor Williams launches stock trailer for tractors

Few manufacturers can rival Ifor Williams’ sales figures – the Welsh maker builds some 30,000 trailers every year and a fair chunk of those end up in agriculture.

However, the company isn’t resting on its laurels and used Lamma to show off its new demountable stock box that is based on a 7.3×2.4m platform trailer. It’s designed for those that are after higher capacity than the firm’s existing 3.5t stock trailers can offer.

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The galvanised Stockmaster can be ordered in farm spec, which is suitable for travelling up to 20mph on the road, or in high-speed form with the appropriate running gear and ABS brakes. Gross vehicle weights are 19-21t depending on tyre choice.

It should be able to accommodate 12 550kg cattle or 148 55kg sheep if it’s fitted with a retractable deck. The upper deck uses an eight-foot ramp powered off the tractor’s hydraulics.

Price is £19,500 with the sheep deck and another £945 if you fancy the sprung drawbar. The basic flat bed trailer will cost you £9,700.