Lamma: Quivogne UK reveals flatbed trailer

One stand littered with new products was Quivogne UK’s, with the Suffolk-based importer showing off several new French arrivals including a combine header trolley and flatbed trailer.

The latter’s rear twin axles are connected to a big hydraulic cylinder, which rocks the trailer on to its front axle to bring the tail of the deck flush against the ground. Dual wheels can be specced at the back, too, depending on the sort of loads it is going to be hauling. The front drawbar is hung on a parallelogram linkage, which allows it to fold flat to the floor so that operators can drive machinery straight on to the platform.

Quivogne UK says the low loader is likely to appeal to the veg farmers in the eastern counties who might need to shift large rigid-framed implements. Sizes range from the smallest 5t model up to the 10-tonner with 8.8m deck and a list price of £26,115.

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On the fieldwork side of things, the company was showing the Quivogne-made stubble rake. The curiously named Beaver rake – apparently the big boss at Quivogne has a soft spot for Canadian wildlife and has already named its tined cultivator the Black Bear – has five rows of 16mm heavy duty spring tines.

Handily, Quivogne says the tines can be used effectively from their original 780mm length down to 300mm, which should give them a decent shelflife. Stubble rakes are in vogue right now, too, with many farmers operating a strip-till system seeing them as an essential piece of kit in the battle against slugs and to encourage weed seed germination.

One design feature that sets the Beaver apart from its rivals is the 3m gang arrangement – each gang is mounted on leaf springs, which soak up undulations in the ground and reduce the strain on the steel frame.

Widths extend from 3-15m, and the 12m model unfolded on the stand carries a £38,675 price tag and will need at least 180hp on the front.