Lamma: Revamped Unimog hits UK shores

The latest version of the Mercedes Unimog, which only arrived in the UK last week, has had something of a major revamp.

Called the U423, it has a new 5.1-litre, four-cylinder 230hp engine but there are also six-cylinder 270hp and 300hp 7.7-litre variants available.

In agricultural form it can travel at 40mph and drivers get a wholly new cab and a choice of 8- or 16-speed gearbox. There’s also a hydrostatic option and the steering wheel can be quickly swapped from one side of the cab to the other.

The live pto can now handle up to 300hp, unlike previous versions, which were limited to 170hp. Whizzy options such as central tyre inflation are also available. Price for an entry-level model is about £110,000 and the model on the stand costs £140,000.

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