Lamma: TWB gets adaptable with Terminator subsoiler

Lincolnshire engineering firm TWB had a more adaptable version of its Terminator trailed subsoiler on show.

The hefty machine has been given a new chassis that means the discs and subsoiler legs can be swapped around according to the conditions. Removing a few bolts allows the disc and subsoiler carriers to drop of the main frame and according to the maker it takes about two hours to do the swap.

In standard setup the twin-row of 20in discs sits on a frame at the front of the rig. This has a hydraulic ram on the top to deal with depth adjustment and there are removable shims that allow the front and back row to be set at different depths.

Behind the subsoiler carriage sits a huge 830mm solid packer and the transport wheels sit on a frame at the back.

The Terminator range starts with a 3m fixed machine and goes up to 6m as standard. Bigger versions can also be made to order.

According to TWB, the 4.5m folding version takes a minimum of 360hp to pull and costs about £40,000.

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