Latest drills set to demo at Tillage-Live

This year’s Tillage-Live looks set to be a vintage event for seeing the latest machinery in action. Peter Hill  previews the newcomers in the drilling department.

Sumo goes deeper

With few moving parts and a big reduction in fan speed, the new Orga metering installation on Sumo’s Deep Tillage Seeder is claimed to have advantages over conventional metering systems.

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A spiral auger with no centre meters the seed and inserts are used to adapt it to different sizes. A simple flap in each of the two main feeder tubes acts as an air-balancing valve, so fan speed is cut by almost 50% from 3,000rpm to 1,800rpm. That’s because there is no venturi, with a consequent reduction in wear and tear and, potentially, fuel consumption.

It will be shown at Tillage-Live on a seed-only version of the Sumo DTS and simplified version is on the Sumoseeder piggy-back unit for cultivators.

Claydon Hybrid system

Hybrid hopes to suit bigger farms

The Claydon Hybrid T trailed seed drill shares the company’s patented Direct Strip Till twin-tine system with the linkage-mounted Hybrid seed/fertiliser seeder.

Designed to meet the requirements of 1,000ha-plus farms, it will be available initially in 6m form although an 8m version is set to follow soon.

With an output of up to 4ha/hour – the 8m will do 5ha/hour, says Claydon – the new model should meet the growing demand for greater output while also placing fertiliser in the ground. The 5,500-litre, 60:40-split hopper will carry about 4t of seed and fertiliser.

Great Plains

Join the one hundred club

Refinements to hydraulic components and electronics software are the latest news on updated versions of the 6m Great Plains Centurion.

Changes to the trailed disc cultivator drill should make it easier to use, and improve in-field efficiency and seed placement accuracy.

Further improved seed depth control via the drill’s hopper weigh cells option, constant seed-flow metering through variations in forward speed and faster on/off reaction times from the metering unit are also among the updates.

Independent control of cultivation discs has been separated from other hydraulic services, coulter down pressure is maintained when operating at reduced fan speeds, and consistent fan speed is now assured when operating additional hydraulic services, says Great Plains.

Dickey-John IntelliAg MVT

Get yourself in control

Flexible crop input control for seed drills and planters is claimed for the Dickey-John IntelliAg MVT controller being shown by AS Communications.

This two-channel controller can regulate two products separately while monitoring up to 84 seed sensors at the same time. Manual individual row section control can be added and it can be used as a population monitor only.

The IntelliAg MVT comes with a high-definition 109mm (4.3in) display for programming, material selection, rate change and optional row control using a dial and eight keys for set-up and operation. It can also show seed multiples, population and seed skips.

Opico He-Va Accu Disc Till-Seeding

Debut for the Accu Disc coulters

It will be a first time out at Tillage-Live for the He-Va Accu Disc Till-Seeding coulters, which are designed to work on a subsoiler or disc roller for more effective one-pass sowing of oilseed rape.

Each Accu Disc unit has a double-disc coulter carried on a spring-mounted parallelogram for pressure adjustment to accurately follow surface contours. Rubber press wheels follow to close and consolidate the seed slot.

Distributor Opico says coulter sowing should provide more consistent seed depth than sprinkling seed behind the subsoiler leg.