Lemken FlexPack furrow press can change working width

Lemken is using Lamma to launch its FlexPack furrow press for use with fully mounted ploughs. Seen in its pre-production format at last year’s event, a year’s development has now resulted in the introduction of the production version.

The FlexPack is designed for use with Juwel 8 four- to six-furrow mounted ploughs. The press is fully mounted on the plough and, for transport, the plough can be turned to butterfly position with the press carried above it.

A key feature is the ability to change working width when used with vari-width ploughs. And while the mounted press is lighter than trailed versions, Lemken points out that it is possible to transfer more or less weight to the plough.

A choice of 16, 20 or 24 rings means there are versions for use with 4-, 5- and 6-furrow shearbolt-protected, tractor mounted Juwel ploughs – but not ploughs with auto-reset or which are semi-mounted.

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