Lemken sees future in combi-drills

Could a modest boost in the popularity of combine (grain + fertiliser) drills be on the cards?

Lemken certainly thinks it could be. Sales of such drills are still largely concentrated in Scotland, where short growing seasons

Solitair 9600
mean that spring crops need as much of a boost as possible. However more farmers in Russia and Scandinavia are beginning to specify them, says the company.

Lemken’s latest compact Solitair combine drills can carry 1.7t of seed and the same amount of fertiliser and can deliver application rates of 1.5-300kg for seed and 50- 400kg of fertiliser. 


  • Lemken and fellow German machinery company Grimme are to sell their products jointly to Russia and eastern Europe via a new sales and service centre at Kaluga, 120km south west of Moscow. “This will give us the basic conditions for an assembly plant in Russia for some of our machinery,” said managing director Franz-Georg von Busse.

Russia is Lemken’s fastest-growing market, particularly for cultivations equipment, he added. Sales in Russia and other eastern European countries almost doubled in 2006, with sales hitting €35m and now accounting for 25% of the company’s turnover.

Overall, 62% of turnover comes from sales in 40 countries abroad.  Export earnings have increased by 30% in the last four years.  




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