Mirror system makes life safer when pulling out

A simple, cable-operated mirror system that is making life safer for a livestock farmer near Galway, Ireland, could potentially help many other farmers.

Like many people, Micheal Furey found that pulling out of fields on to busy roads, with high hedges either side, was always tricky. By the time he could see out of the cab, the bonnet was almost poking into the road, with obvious dangers to traffic.

It’s a common enough problem and some farmers have taken a high-tech approach to solving it by fitting a small camera on the front of the bonnet, with a monitor in the cab. Mr Furey’s system is much simpler, using a redundant tractor wing mirror on a moveable pole in front of the radiator grille.

A cable operated from the dashboard allows the driver to swing the whole unit to its straight-ahead working position or pull it back flat against the side of the bonnet when not needed. A second cable allows the mirror itself to be swivelled from side to side so that the driver gets a good view of traffic coming from either side.

Mr Furey, who has made several units for neighbouring farmers, says it’s also good for providing decent rear vision even if there’s a wide load of bales behind the tractor.

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