Multi-axle slurry tankers in demand

Abbey 3 axle slurry tanker

Staying safe on the road and coping with wet fields is increasingly prompting farmers and contractors to go for  multi-axle tankers, says Irish-based maker Abbey Machinery. 

It says that its dual-axle and triple-axle models are in increasing demand as they cause less compaction on the field  and are better balanced on the road. There’s also increasing interest in fitting bigger tyre sizes (this Tridem 4500 model has 600x55x26.5tyres) to spread the weight of the tanker and its contents.

Another increasingly popular option is its weight management system, says the company. This involves having a tank that comprises two separate compartments, one at the front and the other at the back. Slurry is pumped from the rear compartment first, ensuring that there is always weight on the tractor’s rear wheels. Once that is empty, slurry is then pumped from the front compartment.

Cost of the Tridem ranges from £38,500 to £70,000 depend on much spec is wanted.


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