Murray Octa-Quad can shift 12 round bales at a time

This impressive-looking Octa-Quad bale handler first appeared at last year’s Royal Highland show.

Made by Murray Machinery at Ellon in Aberdeenshire, it can transport 12 round bales, fully mounted, on any large tractor. Eight bales go on the back and another four on the front transporter.

It can also carry six full-sized, big square bales, two on the front and four on the back.

The standard system needs three double-acting spool valves for the front transporter and one for the rear. Each pair of fork frames – the wings – operates through a 50/50 flow divider for raising and lowering.

Each wing on the machine can also be operated individually. However, that requires the fitting of an electric spool block on the rear transporter to operate the six services for the rear transporter and three for the front one, with a joystick to operate them from the cab.

Prices start at £9,995 for the basic machine up to £14,750 for the top-spec machine.

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