New Holland unveil concept tractor at Agritechnica 2005

New Holland unveiled a concept tractor equipped with full suspension at the show.

The rear axle of the TG tractor is completely redesigned. There is no true transaxle, instead the final-drives are connected to the transmission via heavy driveshafts.

This means that each hub unit is free to move independently. Swing-arms mounted on a shaft midway under the cab pivot to give the rear wheels over 500mm (20in) of travel.

Rams support the final drives at the rear and are plumbed into a hydraulic circuit that incorporates gas-filled accumulators to provide a suspension effect.

new holland suspensionThe system is self-levelling and can be locked out for heavy draft work.

The company has also redesigned its tight-turning SuperSteer front axle so that it too can be fitted with a suspension system.

Although the tractor is only just entering its first testing phase it has the potential as a serious rival for the JCB Fastrac.

Hopefully it won’t go the way of John Deere’s Quadlink rear-suspension concept that appeared a few years ago but has since been mothballed because of its cost.