New kit on show at Royal Welsh

CE Projects’ Evolution 500 separator is designed to handle the slurry produced by up to 90 cows or 1,600 pigs.

Described by the company as being the “baby” of a range of three sizes, it can be powered by a single or three-phase electric motor and, like its larger siblings, can be set to operate at pre-programmed intervals. Separation is achieved by passing the slurry between a hard rubber roller and a screen. The latter has brushes to keep it clear and there is also a stone trap. Price of the Evolution 500 is £11,200.

SilokingKverneland’s new Silo King range of twin auger diet feeders now has a driveline that the company says has much more torque than in earlier designs – and there are four planetary reduction gears on each auger rather than three. All of which is claimed to allow the feeders to cope better with shock loadings caused by having whole bales of silage dropped into the machine. This mid-range 2026 model has a guide price of £39,165.

samcoCo Limerick-based Samco is now offering a grassland subsoiler that uses a gas accumulator to provide overload protection for its three legs. Spring-loaded discs cut the initial slot and each of the leg assemblies can pivot from side to side. A following press then tidies up the job to leave a virtually undisturbed finish. For arable suboiling the discs and press can be removed. Price of the subsoiler, which requires up to 300hp, is £10,225.

cattle squeezeThe Unistock cattle squeeze crate from Premier Livestock Handling uses compressed air to allow the side panels to apply pressure on the animal. The sides can also be angled to prevent any return movement and the top and bottom sections can be swung open to allow access to specific areas of the animal. Other features include a forward-catch headgate with head restricting bars pointing forwards – an arrangement that encourages the animal to move towards it. Control is from a two-lever valve block that can be operated from either side of the crush. Price is £6,950 including compressor.

ShelbourneShelbourne Reynolds has beefed up its Powerspread Dairy muck spreader range. The company’s 1600 and 2000 models (7,275 and 9,000 litre) is now equipped with a stronger driveline to both the augers and the side-fling rotor, with the result that the shear bolt protection has been enlarged from 6mm to 16mm diameter. Other changes include an improved grouping of grease points and use of larger tyres – 23.1 R26 rather than 21.3 R24.