New Standen-Pearson BX bedformers give better performance and adjustability

A new range of Standen-Pearson bedformers will be available for the 2009 potato planting season. They have improved performance and are easier to adjust, says the company, and will be made at the Ely, Cambridgeshire, factory where all blue Standen-Pearson machines are produced.

Called the BX Series, the four-bodied models have a sleeker-looking hydraulic folding frame made of higher specification materials. Neater markers fold rearwards and spring-loaded discs are now fitted to all models, helping create a more even soil mark for the driver to follow.

The optional auto-reset MD leg is all-new and can break back in any direction if an obstruction is met. Resetting is said to be fast, easy and automatic. The shearbolt leg design is also updated, with a grooved, waisted, shearbolt with bushes to protect against wear.


Where auto-reset legs are specified, a twin nitrogen accumulator system maintains pressure until the pre-set break back point has been exceeded. The driver can adjust this setting to suit the conditions using just the tractor’s hydraulics and no special tools are required.

Options for the new BX Series include adjustable bed finishing plates. Suitable for convex bodies only, the plates help retain more soil in the bed on lighter soils. A special stabiliser blade for either standard or convex bodies can also be specified to give better stability on hillside work

The new updates will also be fitted to bed specification Powavator rotary tillers manufactured by Standen-Pearson for 2009. Price of the Bedformer BX two-bodied model, including depth wheels, is £14,719.