Opico combi drill aims for accuracy and speed

The latest grain and fert drill option on the market comes from Opico, which has mounted a 3m Alitalia pneumatic drill on a heavy-duty Orso power harrow and added a front-mounted fertiliser distribution system.

The firm’s Perfecta double-disc coulters are designed to place seed and fertiliser together accurately, says the company. The 1,260-litre front fertiliser tank comes with either hydraulic or pto-driven fans and metering can either be mechanical via land-wheel or electronic via radar/GPS.

The wheels are positioned under the front tank, which spreads the weight and also acts as a front press.

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Fertiliser application rate is controlled using Maschio’s cartridge-type metering system – the same system that is used to control seed rate on the drill. The Alitalia drill is mounted on the 600mm packer roller of the power harrow and not on the power harrow itself. This, says the company, ensures the drill follows the ground contours and prevents damage from stones.

Seed hoppers are available with either 1500 litre or 2000 litre capacity. Seed metering is electronic and uses RDS technology to deliver accurate variable rate control.The firm’s Quick-Match attachment system is also said to give easy attachment of the power harrow to the drill using a 3-point linkage.

The 3m Alitalia/Orso combination costs £44,110 and the extra grain and fertiliser kit costs £23,197.