Photos: Harvest 2015 from the skies

Farmers Weekly has been on the road capturing the highlights of this year’s harvest with a high-definition aerial drone. You can view the video on our website, but here are a few of our favourite images of the farmers featured.

Harvest seen from the air on Southwood Farm.

Southwood Farm © Skyvantage

Southwood Farm, Dummer, Hampshire

Wheatsheaf Farming Company’s Chris Morse plants a vetch, phacelia, oil radish and tillage radish cover crop with a New Zealand-built Cross Slot drill. The crop is being sown into standing winter barley straw that was harvested by the farm’s Case Axial Flow 9230 and Shelbourne Reynolds stripper header.

Harvest at Greete Court Farm from the air

Greete Court Farm © Skyvantage

Greete Court Farm, Greete, Shropshire

Richard Rawlings at the wheel of his Massey Ferguson 32 combine cutting a crop of Cassia winter barley that yielded 9t/ha.

Harvest on Hagbourne Hill Farm viewed from the air

Hagbourne Hill Farm © Skyvantage

Hagbourne Hill Farm, West Hagbourne, Oxfordshire

Contract farmer Ed Walters cutting Crusoe milling wheat with his New Holland CX8080 combine for Hagbourne Farm Partners.

Harvest on Turgis Court Farm viewed from the sky

Turgis Court Farm © Skyvantage

Turgis Court Farm, Stratfield Turgis, Hampshire

Drivers Oliver Mark, Steve Langrish and Mark Bushnell guide their trio of John Deere 1065 combines through a field of triticale thatching straw. The combines are fitted with custom-built combing headers that cut, prepare and bundle the straw.

Aerial view of harvest on Kyre Green Farm

Kyre Green Farm © Skyvantage

Kyre Green Farm, Kyre, Worcestershire

Matthew Basford breaks into a crop of Gerald oats with his New Holland TX68 Plus combine.

Harvest on North Stoke Farm

North Stoke Farm © Skyvantage

North Stoke Farm, North Stoke, Oxfordshire

DC and RJ Allen and Partners’ new Claas Lexion 780TT with 12.27m header saws into a field of Incentive oilseed rape.

Aurial view of harvesting by Martin Desborough Contracting

Martin Desborough Contracting © Skyvantage

Martin Desborough Contracting

Contractor Martin Desborough picks up third-cut silage for John Black at Weston Lye Farm, Aymestry, Herefordshire. The tractor is a Massey Ferguson 7480 Dyna VT and the forage wagon is a Lely Tigo 50R.

Aerial view of harvest on the Sulham Estate

Sulham Estate © Skyvantage

Sulham Estate, Sulham, Berkshire

Farm manager John Haggarty polishes off the last of a field of Claire biscuit wheat with his John Deere T560 Hillmaster combine. The crop was on chalky ground and yielded 7.5t.ha. Hagberg was 300, protein 14 and moisture 14%.

Aerial view of harvest on Upper Farm

Upper Farm © Skyvantage

Upper Farm, Guilden Down, Shropshire

Shenton Gwilliam breaking into a crop of Harper oilseed rape with his Massey Ferguson Beta 7260 combine. The crop yielded an impressive 4.35t/ha.

Aerial view of harvest on Rockhill Farm

Rockhill Farm © Skyvantage

Rockhill Farm, Greete, Shropshire

Robin Huntbach emptying a tank full of JB Diego wheat from his John Deere 2254 combine into an Easterby trailer being towed by nephew Connor in a 6820 tractor.

Aerial view of harvest at Netherwood Manor

Netherwood Manor © Skyvantage

Netherwood Manor, Stoke Bliss, Worcestershire

Will Morgan doing an evening stint with his Claas Lexion 750 Montana in a crop of Gerald oats.