PICTURE STORY: Moving from harvest to cultivations

Farmers Weekly has been sent a final flurry of pictures for the 2007 Harvest Highlights picture gallery – which is your opportunity to share your favourite harvest pictures with other farmers.

There seems to be a bit of a fight on to see who has the oldest working combine and we have been sent some fine examples.
This picture of a New Holland Clayson M122 combining wheat at Truro, Cornwall was sent in by Paul Loader.

“It just goes to show that Claysons never die, they just keep on going,” he said. The picture was taken on 6 September.


This shot shows a 34 year old New Holland Clayson 1530 which has just finished harvest 2007. The picture was submitted by Blackberry Farm, Dunbar, East Lothian.

New Holland

Alternatively, Charles James sent in a picture of a 1976 MF 187 combine cutting the last field of winter barley at Folly Farm near Penzance, Cornwall on 3 September. The combine, driven by Guy James, was bought for £700 nine years ago and since then it has cut around 400 acres.

But if you prefer your machines a bit bigger and newer then take a look at the rest of the gallery.
There are machines of all shapes and sizes at work in fields across the country. Take a look as you never know who you might recognise.

However, we’re conscious that many people have put harvest behind them and have moved onto other jobs.

So have you done a bit of ploughing you’re rather pleased with? Or are you the proud owner of some new kit that you would like to show off?

Why not take a picture and send it to fwipictures@rbi.co.uk so it can appear on our new Cultivations Corner Picture Gallery.