Pictures: Harvest Highlights gallery reaches 1000 pictures

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There are now about 1000 pictures on the Harvest Highlights picture gallery (click link to view all of them).

There is a fantastic array of different shots which give an insight into harvest progress across the country.

Here are some highlights from the past few days:

combine UGC

JD9880i STS cutting Solstice in Bellshill, North Northumberland on 28 August. Picture from bumpybell.


combine UGC

Richard Suddas on combine at Cowell in Northumberland. Picture by Anne Lawson.


combine in dark UGC

Combining milling wheat at Woolhouses. High Melton, Doncaster, Picture from Pizzaman.


combine UGC

This atmospheric shot is simply titled ‘last day of harvest’ and was taken by Dave8530.


combine UGC

Grain being unloaded by a Massey 760 combine. Picture from Nigel Walker.

There are hundreds more pictures on the full Harvest Highlights gallery.

If you have a picture you would like to share then either add it direct to the gallery or email it to us with an explanation of when and where it was taken etc.