Rappa unveils all-terrain mobile pen system for small flocks

British manufacturer Rappa has unveiled the Buggy, an all-terrain mobile pen designed for farmers who work with smaller flocks, often alone.

It is suitable for containing up to 70 sheep and can be easily manoeuvred by one person.

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Rappa Buggy round pen

“Shepherding tasks do not differ because of flock size. Sheep need to be handled in a safe and controlled environment to minimise stress.

“We worked with our customers who have smaller flocks, who often work alone or on challenging terrain to design this Buggy,” says sales manager Mark Grant.

Made from galvanised steel with aluminium components, the Buggy is said to be strong, lightweight and compact.

It will attach to any standard tow hitch and makes can be used on uneven terrain.

Built in modular format it allows the yard to be made to individual requirements and can be added to in the future.

All yards are built at Rappa’s factory in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

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