Reichhardt helps with reverse drive for JD

John Deere has employed German steering system specialist Reichhardt to develop a reverse-drive version of its 7920 tractor.

The main steering wheel is detachable and is no longer really required.

Steering is now controlled by a dial, mounted on the left-hand armrest, along with the direction shuttle lever.

With the usual cab paraphernalia removed from around and behind the seat, the operator can now swivel to face the rear.

The right-hand armrest is Deere’s standard CommandArm, which carries all transmission and hydraulic controls.

Compatible with the firm’s AutoTrac GPS steering system, the set-up adds about 10,000 to the price of the standard stepless-transmission 7920.

  • AutoTrac GPS steering for all tractor models

John Deere has developed a version of its AutoTrac GPS steering system that can be fitted to any make or model of machine as long as it has hydraulic power-steering.

The standard steering column is adapted and fitted with a collar which contains an electric motor.

Coupled to Deere’s GreenStar control box and StarFire satellite receiver, it is said to steer the tractor on an arrow-straight course.

But there’s a catch – it costs 15,000.