Revamp for Berthoud’s trailed sprayer range

Tagged Tenor, the new models offer a greater level of sophistication than existing machines, but retain certain trademark Berthoud features, like twin-turbine centrifugal pumps and pendulum-mounted Axiale booms.

Available from mid-summer onwards, the new range will eventually replace the French firm’s Major and Maxxor models.

So why the change? “Our current trailed machines have been around for 12 years and need an upgrade,” says Berthoud’s Martin Shackcloth.

“In addition, legislation now demands machines to be designed with environmental issues in mind.”

TENOR 5As an example of this, the Tenor’s control set-up uses just two ball-valves to direct flow and handle filling, mixing, rinsing and washout.

This has done away with a plethora of valves and pipework, significantly reducing the potential for residue retention.

With farmers looking to cover even greater areas with one machine and make the most of existing tractors, Mr Shackcloth reports a rising demand for higher specification trailed sprayers.

“Customers are now looking for tractor-pulled machines that can match the sophistication of high output self-propelled units. There’s a noticeable trend towards wider booms and bigger tanks – 4000-litre rigs with booms up to 30m are more and more common.”

What’s new?

Perhaps playing catch-up with the competition, Berthoud has developed a steering axle to ensure the sprayer follows directly in the tractor’s wheelings.

The optional axle suspension has also been redesigned so the springing characteristics are the same regardless of how full the tank is.

As the sprayer is filled, the pivot points between the chassis and single coil and damper are forced apart by the extra weight. This increases the leverage – or torque-loading – of the spring and, consequently, boosts its load-carrying capacity.

As it empties, the reverse occurs, compensating for the reduced load with a softer springing effect.

Berthoud says it has pumped a lot of R&D money into tank design. A particularly curvy plastic moulding, it lacks baffles. Instead, the front end is shaped so that surging liquid is gently channelled up and back, diffusing the energy to avoid that rocking motion that any sprayer operator will have learned to know and hate.

Standard Berlogic electronic controls are retained and work with the new twin ball-valve set-up to handle spraying functions and boom section shut-off.

The twin-turbine centrifugal pump has been beefed up with hardened steel impellers. The first of these is responsible for suction, but also pre-charges the liquid before it hits the second turbine. This set-up provides an impressive 550 litres/min flow at 3 bar, said to be more than enough for even the heaviest applications of liquid fertiliser.

Berthoud Tenor
Tanks: 2800, 3500 and 4300-litre (5500-litre for 2008)
Booms: Steel – 20-30m, Aluminium – 36-42m
Pump: 550-litres/min @ 3bar – twin-turbine centrifugal pump
Prices from £24,454

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See the Berthoud Tenor in action in the Sprays and Sprayers demo arena at the Cereals event on 13 and 14 June near Royston, Cambridgeshire. For more details visit or call 01788 892 040.