Royal Show Machinery Selection

Royal Show 1Few would deny that, as far as its machinery input is concerned, the Royal Show is not now a major player – events such as Cereals and LAMMA are now considered by the industry to be more important.

An ever larger number of small-scale or hobby-type farmers visit the show, looking to discover the availability of low-horsepower tractors and allied equipment.

With this in mind, the introduction of a new range of no-frills, low power four-wheel drive tractors built in China was perhaps not a bad idea.

Peterborough-based Global Rebar Services is now marketing the Knuth tractor range – four models from 23hp to 82hp, with the likelihood of a 125hp being introduced later this year.

Sourced from Germany via Knuth Terra-Tec – a company which ensures the tractors are up to EU specification – the 23hp and 35hp models are powered by three-cylinder engines and the 60hp and 82hp have four-cylinder Perkins engines.

No frills in the transmission department – four-speeds with two ranges results in a 16F x 4R box.

The real attraction of these tractors is the price.

A 35hp version has a retail price of 11,000.

Royal show 4 This new root washer/chopper from Cross Agriculture has a throughput of 25t/hour, claims the company, and can handle crops such as fodder beet, waste potatoes, turnips and swedes. About a third of the rotating cage is submerged in 800gal of water and, as the washed roots exit at one end, they pass though a chopping unit ready to be mixed into a diet or fed directly. Price is about £11,500.

Livestock trailers from Roland now include this 28ft version which can hold up to 16 beef cattle. Features include the ability to lower the rear end of the trailer to floor level for easier loading, gas suspension, inspection gates and a tarpaulin cover. Running gear comprises tandem axles, hydraulic brakes and full lighting. Price of the V852 trailer is £11,750. Royal show 4

Royal show 5 Simba’s diversification into the livestock sector now includes the Spread-A-Bale – a unit for spreading round or big square straw bales into cattle yards without chopping the straw or creating excessive dust. Attached to a loader, the unit’s spreading discs are raised to allow a big bale to be drawn into the chamber using a hydraulically driven floor belt. With the strings removed and the spreading discs lowered, the floor belt is reversed to push bales into the discs – not unlike a rear-discharge muck spreader. To cater for different bale sizes, four models are available. The largest, the SBL 100 R1.8 can handle square bales up to 2.5m long and round bales with a 1.8m diameter. It costs £9958.

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