Royal Welsh Show 2014: Lower-horsepower tractors generate big interest

Landini 6C

Having launched the 90-107hp 4-series and 143-175hp 6-series at the Grassland and Muck event, Landini distributor AgriArgo UK used the Royal Welsh Show to unveil the 111-131hp 6C-series tractors (pictured above).

“This is the latest stage in a comprehensive roll-out of new models that bring new cabs, new engines, new transmissions and new features to the Landini range,” says Ray Spinks, AgriArgo general manager and sales director.

The two Landini 6C models will replace the current Powermondial with a wider specification choice.

“You can have gear or piston pump hydraulics for the first time, mechanical or electronic linkage and rigidly- or suspension-mounted cab and front axle – uncommon for a tractor of this size,” says Mr Spinks.

Gear pump hydraulics are uprated for the 6.120C and 6.130C with 87 litres/min available for the 5t linkage and spool valves, and 38 litres/min dedicated to steering. The flow-on-demand option delivers 110 litres/min for all services.

An FPT four-cylinder engine delivers 111hp and 121hp for draft work, with another 10hp released for pto and transport applications.

Zetor Forterra HD


A third variation on the Zetor Forterra design brings more power, new hydraulics, bigger capacity lift linkage and a longer wheelbase.

The base four-cylinder Forterra comes with synchro shuttle, 24×18 gears with three-step powershift and five power outputs from 96-136hp. Those ratings are matched by the HSX version, which has a power shuttle, 30×30 gears and slightly longer wheelbase.

“This transmission is also used for the new Forterra HD, but it has uprated gear pump hydraulics and a piston pump option for the first time with 120-litres/min output,” says Maros Karabinos of Zetor UK. “Carraro independent front-axle suspension, cab suspension, electronic spool valves and a new side console are also on this new version.”

Power outputs match the top two models in the other Forterra ranges at 127hp and 136hp, but the Forterra 150 displayed has 147hp output.

Deutz-Fahr 6-series changes

Royal-Welsh-show-Deutz-Fahr-6190C Shift brings push-button range changes to Profiline versions of the Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 6 series, where improved ventilation, cable inlets and sound deadening have also been introduced.

In place of a side console-mounted gear lever, the six ranges of the 40×40 creep transmission are selected by pressing a consent button and moving the joystick forward or back.

“That means operators can shift through 24 speeds using just the joystick mounted on the new armrest console,” says Graham Barnwell of SDF. “The same action without the consent button selects the four powershift steps.”

Adding ventilation outlets to the instrument dash panel delivers cool air to the driver’s face, and extra insulation under the floor, together with double-glazed lower windscreen panels cuts noise levels further.


Royal-Welsh-Show-Chery-compact-tractorFlat-pack tractor specialist Siromer is moving up scale-wise by importing fully-built Chery tractors from China with power outputs of 40hp, 45hp and 50hp.

Badged the Siromer CH series, the tractors come with a direct injection diesel engine coupled to a 12×12 gearbox with floor-mounted shuttle gear lever, 30-litres/min hydraulics and power steering.

“The gear sticks may be on the floor, but the chequerplate steel flat-deck operator’s platform makes it easy to get on and off, and it’s easy to clean,” says Powys dealer Brian Beddoes. “The hood and fenders are also steel for durability, and you even get a built-in compressor.”

Prices from £8,500-10,500.