RW 2010: Bracken bruiser reduces bracken burden

For those with a lot of bracken on their land, any management tool will be a welcome help in tackling the invasive plant. The Bracken Bruiser, designed by Pete Gotham, bruises the stems of the bracken every 175mm, causing the stalk to bleed, which lowers rhizome activity, resulting in reduced growth in subsequent years.

A swivelling hitch allows the machine to be transported safely and quickly, thanks to transport wheels mounted on suspension units on the opposite side to the roller. A curved drawbar allows a flow of material through to the roller and for larger areas multiple units can be joined together.

Designed to be used annually, the slatted roller can be towed behind any ATV, 4×4 or tractor and comes in 1.25m and 1.65m widths. It costs £1250 and £1350 respectively.