Scotgrass 2010: Bunning sees boost in exports

More and more contractors are moving to muckspreaders fitted with weigh-cells in the hope that they can begin to charge customers by the tonne rather than by the acre.

That, says Chris Druse from UK muckspreader maker Bunning, is one of the reasons why its sales of weigh cell-equipped machine have doubled since last year. In fact he reports that sales are up generally, thanks to rising export sales which now account for nearly 25% of the firm’s output.

Muckspreaders are also being used to spread an ever wider range of materials including poultry muck, compost, digestate from AD plants and even ground-up chipboard which has been used to bed pigs on.

The two horizontal beaters + spinning disc system is now increasingly favoured by muckspreader makers generally. Mr Druse says it allows a good-density product to be spread at 24m, while very dense chicken muck from cages can be spun out at an amazing 72m width.

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