Scotgrass preview picture gallery

The event is being staged next month at the SAC’s Crichton Royal Farm in Dumfries, south-west Scotland.

Scotgrass map

With everything from bale wrapping and clamp covering materials to the spectacle of the latest high power self-propelled forage choppers being put through their paces, the Ecosyl silage additive-sponsored event provides a timely showcase of silage-making tackle and systems.

When: Tuesday, 15 May, 10am-5pm

Where: SAC Dairy Research Unit, Crichton Royal, Dumfries DG1 4SZ

Organisers: SAC, AEA


Contractors will be eager to see how the New Holland FR9000 series self-propelled forage harvester stacks up against its predecessor and competitor machines.

It promises much from a wider and larger diameter chopping cylinder, a new blower design and big power outputs ranging from 424hp to 824hp across the five-model range.

Significant improvements in field and road fuel economy and a better driver’s environment are also promised.



Increased grass tedding capacity using a lightweight tractor is promised by the Claas Volto 1320T.

At 13.2m, the newcomer is a wider addition to the Volto “T” range of trailed tedders, which hitherto comprised 7.5m, 7.7m,

Claas VOlto
8.7m and 10.5m sizes. The 1320T’s working width is achieved using 10 rotors and is sufficient to spread five swaths laid by a 3m mower.

Each rotor has seven tines with adjustable working position and 12deg or 16deg working angle to suit different weights of crop and conditions. Drive to each rotor is by means of interlocking cast “fingers”, which are claimed to be wear-free and allow sections to fold through 180deg for a compact 2.98m transport width.

A new disc cutting bed and conditioning rotor design feature on Vicon’s “Extra” mower-conditioners, being introduced at Scotgrass to replace the KMT series.

Available initially in 3.2m mounted and 2.8m plus 3.2m trailed versions, they are built for high workload users. The new bed still has Vicon’s signature contra-rotating three-bladed discs but now they are driven by gears featuring rounded profile rather than straight-cut teeth with two teeth rather than just one in contact.

This, says Vicon, results in smoother power transmission and lower noise output. Each disc hub and gear assembly is installed individually through the top of the bed, which is formed from two “C” channels welded together. Pull-type bed suspension and a steel tine conditioning rotor complete the package.

Easier maintenance and improved durability are claimed for Premium versions of John Deere’s round balers making their debut at Scotgrass and aimed at contractors and large producers.

John Deere

Compared with standard spec, the 582 and 592 variable-chamber balers have a wider (2.2m) pick-up, a feed rotor or crop slicing intake and a powered reverser for removing plugs.

The Premium 578 features the 2.2m Maxicut pick-up and all models, as well as the 678 baler-wrapper, have a windrow roller to improve grass intake and pivoting front-end support wheels that save raising the pick-up for end-of-row turns.


Lely’s smallest Splendimo mower-conditioner – the 2.4m wide 240MC – makes its working debut at Scotgrass on the Kubota plot.

Similar in concept to the existing 2.8m and 3.2m versions, the 240MC features a twin central pivot suspension so that the bed can accurately follow surface contours, the Clip quick-change system for the 120mm blades and a full-width conditioning rotor using Lely’s familiar plastic blades.


A revamped turntable bale wrapper joins the Taarup range from Kverneland with a high output, durable specification aimed at high workload operators.

An illustration of the machine’s strength and balance is that it can carry a bale on its loading arm while another is being wrapped on the move.

Three versions will be available – manual with cable controls in the tractor cab semi-automatic with joystick control and electronic with programmable semi- or fully-automatic operation.

On all three models, the table stops rotating after the required number of circuits. Up to six spare film rolls can be carried, a drop mat protects the film from stubble punctures and extra counterweights are available for the heaviest bales.


The Krone EasyCut 9140 triple being given its working debut by distributor Amazone has the same 8.7m working width as its predecessor but features a new mechanism to protect against collision damage.

It is also said to be the lightest machine of this format, partly as a result of the break-away design, which allows the whole of the rear unit to pivot against adjustable spring pressure, not just individual units.

There are three versions again – a plain disc mower laying three swaths a conditioning version with steel flails also laying three swaths and a “grouper” version with conditioning and conveyors to place all grass in a single swath.


A triple combination of Pottinger plain disc mowers will be launched by Landmec Pottinger at Scotgrass, the non-conditioning machines providing a lower-power solution to high-capacity grass cutting.

There are two models, with generous mowing widths of 7.3m and 9m but needing only 110hp as a minimum.

Quick-fit blades feature on the Pottinger disc bed, hydraulic lift control is standard and the rear mowers can be raised individually to clear field obstacles.


The Sward Lifter that Opico plans to unveil at Scotgrass is a grassland subsoiler designed to break up compaction for improved drainage and aeration while leaving the surface relatively undisturbed.

It uses a disc coulter ahead of each slim, forward-angled tine and individual serrated roller rings to close the resulting slot and level the surface.

Two sizes will be available – 2.7m with three tines for tractors of at least 100hp and 3m with five tines for tractors from 125hp.