Scotts launches new RS trailed windrower

Boston, Lincolnshire firm Scott Potato Machinery was showing its new flagship Microlift RS6 trailed windrower with a patented 6-row Evolution separator at British Potato 2009 at Harrogate last week.

This machine tows from below the wheel centre to give the best towing position.

Lane adjustment, share lift, share flotation, agitator speed, clod roller height/speed/direction, cross-conveyor speed/direction, traverse, steering and dual levelling are all controlled from the cab.

It’s available now through Burdens Distribution in England and Wales and Mearns Tractors in Scotland. Cost for the full-spec version is £40,000.

Scotts Potato machinery has also asked us to point out that only a proportion of the machines it makes are affected by the recent High Court judgement (FW, 20 November, p51). It says that the Evolution II roller sets have been changed so they are now outside the patents. It is appealing against some aspects of the judgment, as is Grimme. The case continues.