Sima 2013: Farmer tractors

With Turkish Armatrac and Polish Farmtrac tractors already heading to the UK, you may think that most European makes are now represented on these shores.

However, there are plenty more makes out there that are looking westwards. And in most cases the key to their hoped-for success is that they have some big-name west European components such as Perkins, Deere, Deutz or Fiat engines, Carraro axles and ZF gearboxes.

This Polish-made Farmer brand (yes, it’s not the most imaginative name…) is looking for dealers in France, Germany and the UK. The model pictured is the top of the range FS-12272S model with 122hp, Iveco or Deere engines, Stage 3B emissions control, Carraro axles, a ZF 16×8 gearbox with splitter and 4,200kg rear lift. The company’s range starts at 61hp.

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