Sima 2013: Versatile Reform buggy has top stopping power

It might look more at home in the Alps than the Chilterns, but this low ground pressure buggy from Reform could appeal to some UK farmers.

It’s called the Muli T10X and it can be fitted with all manner of attachments from a sprayer to a forage wagon.

The chunky articulated chassis can carry up to 5t over pretty much any terrain you dare attempt and it’s got ultra-powerful electromagnetic braking, too.

Power is provided by a poky 110hp four-cylinder and it’s got a semi-powershift gearbox to put it to the ground.

It has also got a very neat driveshaft that runs through the middle of the chassis – this keeps the centre of gravity low and means it does not get caught-up in the undergrowth.

There are plenty of power outputs on the options list, too, including front and rear ptos and loads of spools.

At £90,000, it is a bit more expensive than your average 100hp tractor, but should put an end to any hair-raising moments.

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