Sima: Smaller Cases get big-tractor technology

If there’s one major theme on the tractor market recently, it is that small tractors are getting treated to the kind of technology previously available only on the biggest and best.

That includes CVT transmissions, which are slowly creeping down to the little ‘uns, as shown at Sima.

Sandwiched by the Puma and Farmall ranges, there are three new CVX versions of the four-cylinder Case Maxxum – the 110, 120 and 130 CVX EP.

Powered by a Fiat 4.5-litre four-pot, the tractors use AdBlue to deal with emissions and get up to 22hp in boost mode. 50kph comes at a more economical 1,750rpm, too.

Four spools are available at the back, max linkage lift is just over 7.8t and the hydraulic pump will kick out 125-litres/min.

The Austrian-built Maxxums will be available from January next year.

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