K-Two ups volume and output of Bio and Evo muckspreaders

New mark-five versions of K-Two’s rear-discharge muckspreaders have been given a tapered body design to increase capacity and ease unloading.

The redesign applies to Bio models, with twin horizontal beaters for more accurate spreading, and Evos, which have a brace of vertical beaters.

Both are available in capacities from 14t to 36t.

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As well as upping load volume, the flared sidewalls help form a funnel to encourage material to move down to the chains, says the company, allowing for easier emptying with less bridging.

K-Two Evo Mk5 muckspreader

The new models also get integral cleaning scrapers and hardened spinner paddles, while Evo versions have the added perk of Hardox rotor bases with sweeper bars.

Prices for the Evo start at £32,900, while the Bio is £37,800.