Burdens to sell ultra-accurate Ecorobotix applicator

High-precision plant-by-plant application of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, as well as foliar fertilisers, is promised by the Ecorobotix AMA sprayer now being distributed by the Burdens Group.

Aimed primarily at high-value salad and vegetable producers, it is claimed to reduce crop protection product usage by up to 95% compared with overall spraying, depending upon the weed or pest burden in the case of herbicides and insecticides.

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However, Swiss firm Ecorobotix has also developed plant detection algorithms for its vision-based system for maize, sugar beet and oilseeds, and also for tackling weeds in grassland and stubbles, and to treat volunteer potatoes, suggesting the AMA has year-round potential.

The vision system is set to detect weeds for herbicide applications, and crop plants for fungicide, insecticide and foliar fertiliser treatments.

spray nozzles

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Housed beneath its 6m-wide anti-wind canopy are 156 solenoid-activated spray nozzles at 4cm spacing, which release a 6sq cm spurt of liquid, along with six high-resolution cameras and banks of lights.

This setup enables the machine to be used at night as well as during the day for a potential output of 96ha in 24 hours, based on a working speed of 7kph and hourly coverage of 4ha.

In operation, the recommended approach is to prepare an initial quantity of spray mix and once this has been applied, the in-cab tablet-based controller will come up with the total quantity required to complete the field – assuming the first run is representative.

A 600-litre water tank and a spray mix tank mounted on the front of the tractor keeps the weight of the machine itself down to around 1t, and its three-section structure folds for road transport.

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