Knight adds entry-level model to Trailblazer sprayer range

A new entry-level model has been added to Knight’s Trailblazer sprayer range for those not wanting all the bells and whistles.

The trailed machine has a 3,600-litre tank and 24m gull wing booms with a stainless-steel spray line. Standard no-frills additions include an induction hopper, clean water tank and clothing locker.

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A Muller Smart 430 in-cab control box takes care of boom operations, the automatic steering axle and rate control. Air suspension helps maintain the working height, and automatic hillside correction keeps things accurate across a slope.

Knight’s Maximiser plumbing system features pressurised circulation, which primes the spray line prior to engaging the nozzles and purges clean water through the booms afterwards. This also helps to reduce the pipework on the sprayer.

On-farm prices start at about £51,000.