Spreading under way

FERTILISER SPREADERS are out in Pembrokeshire as T-Sum 200 has arrived, says South Wales Kemira GrowHow adviser Howell Richards.

“Milk producers wanting an early turnout are applying 125kg/ha of compound to supply 33kg/ha of nitrogen and 12.5kg/ha of soluble phosphate,” says Mr Richards.

“Grass has grown here all winter and putting on phosphate which is available to grass plants will see it respond. We have had a lot of rain in January, but ground conditions have dried out this last week.

” However, farms planning a late March turnout should wait until late February to apply fertiliser, says Mr Richards. “And, with the high price of fertiliser this year, checking soil phosphate, potash and lime status should be a priority. When they are correct, considerable savings can be made by choosing the best fertiliser product.

” Across the country, T-Sum temperatures accumulated at close to normal rate in late January compared with the rapid progress earlier in the month. All southern and western coasts are now over T-200, reports ADAS Met Office team consultant Stuart Bennett. Drier weather is forecast this week and that should improve ground conditions, he adds.

Southern and eastern England will pass T-Sum 200 in the first few days of February this year – with the rest of England, Wales and Northern Ireland passing T-Sum 200 by Feb 11.