Sumo’s Vaxio prototype cultivator on show

Sumo had a prototype Vaxio cultivator on show for customer evaluation.

Two banks of 500mm discs mounted in pairs with rubber suspension (to protest against stone damage) are followed by two rows of hydraulic auto-reset legs able to work at a depth of 300mm.

Levelling paddles run in front of foam-filled tyres that create a firm seed-bed, says the company’s Stewart Peckitt. The tyres also act as means of the transport on the road.

“The Vaxio is designed to fulfill two tasks – one is high-speed chitting and the other is to create a deeper seedbed on medium to light soils,” says Mr Peckitt.

The prototype model is 4m wide and folds to 3m for transport. If the Vaxio proves popular, there could be an 8m version to follow.

LAMMA 2011