Tillage-Live 2012: Amazone gets accurate

Amazone has been busy extending its on-board technology offering.

In fact, the German seed and fert specialist could be the only manufacturer currently offering GPS shut-off on its drills, which it demonstrated at Tillage with its new Citan Solo 6000 drill.

Operators can store or create boundaries on the Amatron 3 control box. It can be used with all Amazone products, too, so boundaries created when fertiliser spreading can be re-used for drilling. Adding the necessary GPS switch to the Amatron box adds about £1,825 to the price.

The auto-shut-off system currently only works across the drill’s whole working width, but section shut-off of the seeding mechanism should be introduced next year to larger 12m and 15m Citans to improve accuracy.

We can expect to see more technology developments from Amazone next year, too. Notably, the Amatron box will be Isobus ready, so operators will be able to monitor tractor performance through the screen as well as using it for other applications.

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