Tillerstar promises to cut time, fuel and labour

Yorkshire farmer George Moate says his new Tillerstar one-pass tiller, destoner and bedformer for vegetable and root crops will cut time, fuel and labour by eliminating the need for a separate pass with a destoner in most soil types.

It works straight into ploughed or subsoiled ground, working down to 35cm depth and giving 30cm of clod and stone-free soil in the bed.

A rotor at the front of the machine turns anti-clockwise (the opposite way to a standard bed tiller), throwing the soil at the spring bar separator.

Large clods and stones are dropped into the gap left by the rotor and smaller clods and stones are then removed by plastic star separators.

The star separators then bring the big clods and stones back to the rotor and the fine soil goes into the bedformer to make clod-free beds. It works at up to 6m width and needs 300hp.

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