Top five online farming courses you should take

Are rats a problem on your farm this winter and you need advice on how to control them?

Or maybe your energy bills are creeping up and you want to find a way to cut costs? Then look no further. Farmers Weekly has a dedicated online e-learning platform for those involved in agriculture – from students to farmworkers, farmers to farm managers, advisors to consultants, as well as members of the trade.

Our online Academy offers detailed advice to help build your expertise and combat timely issues on farm. You can also earn CPD points by reading the academies and taking the tests.

Here are the top five academies we recommend for you this month.

  1. Winter rat control – Winter can be a time when rat populations become a problem with food sources scarce. Find out how you can get on top of a rat infestation on your farm and earn yourself BASIS CPD points by testing your knowledge with our online test.
  2. Nitrogen management – Brush up on your nitrogen knowledge would be a good one ahead of the fertiliser season probably starting next month.
  3. Cutting energy costs – Rising energy prices have outstripped retail price inflation for some years, so energy costs as a proportion of farming income are at an all-time high. Get advice on how you can get the lowest tariffs and become more energy efficient with Farmers Weekly Academy module on Cutting Energy Costs.
  4. Scab in Sheep – The scab mite in sheep is most active during the winter months. Don’t let it be a problem in your flock by finding out about the three “golden rules” for keeping scab out.
  5. Tyre management – Correct tyre pressure is crucial for getting the best performance and longest possible service from a set of tyres. Find out how you can get the most from your tyres.

There are more than 100 academies offering detailed advice across all sectors.

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