14 top retrofit kit options for farm pickups

If you have just splashed out on a new pickup truck you could soon find yourself sifting through the endless lists of accessories to get it just the way you like it.

We have taken a look at some of the tempting add-ons currently on offer.

Options include cheap DIY load liners for not much more than £100 to fancy colour-coded hardtops that can easily hit the £2,000 mark once all the extras are included.

Load liners

A load liner will be one of the first things on the shopping list for those keen to prevent the back of their truck from resembling a six-yard skip.

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of ways to crack that particular nut, from old-school ply sheeting to spray-in liners and even carpets.

1. Spray-in


Several manufacturers offer a spray-in liner including Scorpion, Line-X and Speedliner.

Each maker’s formulation and range of additives is slightly different, but the basic premise is the same – to spray the deck with a tough, grippy, waterproof substance that will resist damage and stop items sliding around in the back.

Manufacturers say one of the main benefits of these liners is that they don’t trap water against the bed, which can cause rusting.

However, the fact that they’re bonded directly to the tinwork means they don’t protect against dents from heavy items being dropped into the back.

Price: £395 for a standard double-cab pickup (Scorpion)

2. Protectacote DIY


If you would rather not fork out for a spray-in liner you can try a cheaper DIY alternative.

Protectacote offers a pickup-specific kit to do the whole job yourself. This includes rollers, brushes and protective equipment as well as four litres of the coating, which is enough to cover about 6sq m.

All the buyer has to do is lightly rub down and clean the paintwork before applying the product in two coats. Protectacote also says its coating includes rubber granules to improve grip and it can be easily patched up if it gets damaged.

Price: £103.29 for the complete kit

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3. Plastic liners

Max Liner

Plastic drop-in liners are often available through manufacturers themselves, but there are several aftermarket providers too.

The big selling point with these is that they protect the metalwork from dents and scrapes. However, if they do become damaged they are difficult to repair and might need to be replaced.

Some also argue that they trap water between the liner and bed, which can lead to corrosion.

Maxliner’s version is made from high-density polyurethane to resist tough knocks and it’s grooved underneath to help prevent water pooling.

Price: From £187 for a double-cab pickup

4. Bedrug


Carpet seems an unlikely partner for the back end of a pickup, but US firm Bedrug has spun a weave for precisely that purpose.

The rug-like liners are made entirely from polypropylene, which means they are resistant to oil, grease and most corrosive substances.

They can also be vacuumed, hosed off or even pressure washed to keep them clean. Apparently they don’t absorb water, but it does take about 20 mins for the surface to dry fully.

Bedrug says the liner cushions the load deck against impact damage, is soft under your knees and prevents cargo sliding around.

Full liners are available as well as floor mats that can be used in conjunction with a spray-in liner.

The Bedrug is stuck into the load bay with adhesive velcro strips and installation takes about 30mins.

Price: £400 for double-cab pickup and £116 for the Bedmat.

5. Chequerplate

Samson chequerplate

For the ultimate bling pickup bed protection you can go for a full chequerplate liner.

Samson liners are laser cut and tig welded so they drop into the bed in one piece. The 3mm plate is said to last at least as long as the truck itself and the tub-type construction means they’re waterproof.

There’s also a panel to protect the inside of the tailgate.

There are specific versions for most brand of truck, which means they drop straight in without making any modifications.

Various hooks, sockets and mounting plates can be added to finish the liner off.

Price: From £630

Load covers

The market is awash with different coverings for your truck’s load deck. From the traditional Ifor Williams galvanised hood to the latest colour-matched composite tops, there’s something for most uses and budgets. Here are a few of the current options.

6. Truckman


Truckman’s pickup hardtops are built in the UK and range from simple commercial-spec hoods up to luxury tops with sliding windows and central locking.

The colour-coded Grand is one of its bestsellers and comes with opening side windows, heated rear screen and central locking.

Inside, the canopy is vinyl lined and has it an automatic light that comes on when the tailgate is opened.

The canopy clamps to the rear load deck and comes with a wiring loom to tap into the pickup’s electrics.

Price: From £1,620

7. Ifor Williams

If you want your pickup to be proper farm spec then you will have to fit it with an Ifor Williams top.

The Welsh maker’s iconic canopies are built using aluminium framework and panels with galvanised steel for the tailgate and hinges.

At their most basic they are fitted with a mesh tailgate, but there are options to add an aluminium tailgate with a window, as well as a gas strut kit.

There’s also the option of adding a side access door and a tailgate lock.

Price: From £380 with mesh rear window

8. Protop

Those fed up with crawling into their load bed to reach items at the front might be interested in Protop’s latest canopy. 

Wide gullwing doors on either side of the top lift up, giving access to the whole of the load and there are gas struts to hold them in place.

The canopy also comes with a roof rail system complete with tie-down points, which can carry up to 100kg.

Inside, there’s an LED battery-powered light and the rear door can be solid or glass. All latches and locks are made from stainless steel and it secures to the truck using six clamps.

The standard colour is gloss white, but there is an option to have it colour coded.

Price: From £1,345

9. Pegasus


Another option at the swankier end of the market is the Avantguarde from Pegasus.

This comes with three doors allowing access to the sides of the load bay, and all have central locking.

The tops are also colour-coded to individual trucks and offer a watertight seal, as well as internal ventilation to prevent condensation build-up.

Other nice-to-have features include a heated rear window, 90% tint privacy glass and a sliding front bulkhead window.

Buyers also have the option of roof bars that can carry up to 55kg.

Price: From £1,995

10. Mountain Top

Mountain Top

If you are not keen on fitting a full hood, a tonneau or load cover might fit the bill nicely.

Mountain Top’s version is made out of aluminium chequerplate with a plastic rim and waterproof seal to prevent water getting into the bed.

It lifts on a gas strut and has a wide opening angle for easier loading. There’s also the option of various mounting bars on the top, which can carry up to 60kg.

There’s an integral lock and the design of the hinge means the top can be removed quickly if a larger load needs to be carried.

Price: From £807

11. Custom builds

N and J

There are a few companies out there offering custom-built accessories to get the most from your pickup’s rear load bed, such as Lankashire firm N and J Aluminium Linings.

It offers an almost limitless range of accessories, from simple hardtops and toolboxes to custom-built drawer units, dog boxes and storage chests.

The firm has also built specialist units for farriers, tree surgeons and the military.

Prices start at about £714 for a simple agricultural-spec top, rising to £1,500 for sliding draw systems and more for some specialist custom builds.

Other nice-to-have features

12. Pegasus Tail Assist

Pegasus Tail Assist

Pegasus 4×4 has come up with a neat system to help make pickup tailgates a little more user friendly.

The Tail Assist kit comes with a pair of gas dampers to help lower the tailgate slowly as well as a set of sprung hinges to assist with lifting.

This avoids the tailgate crashing down on your toddler’s head and means you can lift it with a single finger.

All components can be fitted without drilling any holes and according to Pegasus the whole job should take about half an hour.

Price: 295+VAT

13. Multi Ramp


The Road Ranger Multiramp allows you to load vehicles such as ATVs into your pickup load bed.

Once up there, it also doubles up as a load bay extender, securing the bike in place. It can also be used as a partition for holding part loads in place, or as a game carrier.

The ramps are rated to carry 300kg and can be folded for easy storage.

Price: £214

14. Ratcheting Cargo Bar

Ratcheting Cargo Bar

This simple ratchet bar can be used to secure small items in the load bed.

Rubber pads on each end grip the side of the truck and the ratchet is used to wedge the bar in place.

Width is adjustable from 1m to 1.8m and multiple bars can be used to create different bays.

Price £39


All of the products pictured can be acquired through the following suppliers: Scorpion, Truckman, Ifor Williams, Pegasus, Up Country 4×4, New Venture Products, 4x4AT, Formula 4, N and J Engineering.

*All prices are plus VAT unless otherwise stated.