Horsch lorry-mounted haulage kits improve drilling and spraying rates

Horsch has added two lorry-mounted haulage kits to its logistics range – one for shifting seed and granular fertiliser and another for moving liquids.

The two new units join the German firm’s existing 34cu m Titan chaser bin in the line-up and are designed to keep drills and sprayers supplied with inputs to maintain high daily work rates.

Both Shuttle models can be mounted on the rear of a four-wheel-drive lorry, with an adaptive connection system allowing it to piggy-back on a wide range of lorry variants. Built-in fork guides should make life easier when moving the rig with a telehandler, too.

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The Shuttle 10000F

The Shuttle 10000F features a 10,000-litre hopper and a conveyor belt capable of loading a drill with seed or fertiliser at a rate of 2,000kg per minute.

The Shuttle 8000L

The Shuttle 8000L combines an 8,000-litre stainless steel tank, 800-litre fresh water tank and a 3,000-litre/minute pump for fast refilling.

The 8000L also features the automatic internal Continuous Cleaning System from the Leeb LT trailed sprayer.

Prices for both units start at around £55,000.


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