Vaderstad introduces Tempo T precision drill

Vaderstad is set to have a busy time at Lamma when it introduces its new Tempo T precision drill along with the new zero-tillage Seed Hawk and a new cultivation development for the company’s Rapid drill.

The tractor-mounted Tempo T, which uses the same precision seed units as the Tempo F, employs a telescoping frame that reduces its transport width and moves its centre of gravity closer to the tractor.

Available in six- or seven-row versions, a pressurised seed meter overcomes any seed variations caused by slopes and an electric seed drive gives individual row shut-off and on-the-move seed rate adjustment.

The new zero-tillage Seed Hawk 30 drill is produced in 6m and 8m builds and features double-knife openers on 25cm row spacing with individual press wheels – an arrangement which is said to allow it to work in both wet and dry conditions.

For the Rapid A600-800S drills the new System Disc Aggressive Crossboard Light is basically a set of larger discs used as the first cultivation element. It is, says Vaderstad, suitable for working in ploughed or min-till conditions where there are lots of crop residues.

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