VIDEO:NAAC conference aimed at farmers too.

One of the key speakers at the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ (NAAC) biennial conference will be New Holland‘s product marketing manager Christophe Lemaitre who is to fly in from Italy to talk about the company’s energy-independent farm concept.

With the prospects of hydrogen-powered vehicles and electricity produced from wind, solar and waste, New Holland is keen to promote the idea of farms that are capable of fulfilling all their own energy needs on site.

The growing importance of environmental issues and the uncertainty of fossil fuel supplies lead New Holland to come up with its Clean Energy Leader initiative. This project has seen the company developing what it believes to be the broadest range of products able to run on 100% biodiesel. The idea of the Energy Independent Farm is just one step further down this path.

At the moment, fuel and energy costs represent a large amount of farmers’ overall outgoings. Becoming energy-independent will help to minimise risk and keep operating costs low.

Unlike other industries, farmers usually have a large amount of available space and resources that can be used to produce energy. The energy-independent farm is a new approach where farmers will be able to generate their own power to run their equipment. All of this is done using hydrogen, 100% generated from renewable resources.

Mr Lemaitre will explain the concept in more detail, including some pilot farm projects from across Europe.



New Holland’s hydrogen-powered NH2 tractor is central to the company’s energy-independent farm concept. On-farm energy production will be a key topic at the NAAC’s conference on 10th December.

When & Where?

Thursday 10 December 2009, 10am

Warwick Complex, Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry, Warwickshire

Tickets are free to NAAC members and are priced at £30.00 to non-members (refundable if joining the Association).

NAAC Contractor 2009 Conference Programme

Making sense of the future

Sponsors: RASE, New Holland, Farmers Weekly

Session 1

10.00am Introduction by Chairman

David Richardson, Norfolk Farmer and Farmers Weekly columnist

10.05am The challenges ahead for UK farming and those working in the countryside

Peter Kendall, NFU President

10.40am What has the European Union got in store for us?

Mark Thomasin-Foster, President, European Landowners Organisation

11.05am Is there life in the UK countryside without livestock? John Thorley, Director Pastoral Alliance (NSA)

Session 2

11.50am The Energy-Independent Farm of the Future

Christophe Lemaitre, Product Marketing Manager, New Holland

12.20pm Bio digestion: the opportunities for the contractor

Charles Baker, FW Contractor of the Year 2009, Banbury, Oxfordshire

12.45pm Questions and discussion led by the Chairman.

1.05pm Cecil Award Presentation for the best innovation for the benefit of the contractor


Session Three

Chairman, Mike Simpson, Chairman, NAAC

2.25pm Transport – the current issues (including discussion)

Mike Braithwaite, NAAC Transport Consultant

3.30pm Diversification; is it still a paying proposition?

Mike Rowe, Clydesdale Bank

3.55pm The future of chemical weed control on UK streets and farms

Grant Stark, HSE Chemicals Regulation Directorate

4.20pm Discussion led by Mike Simpson




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