Vredo hatches a monster tractor unit

It wasn’t just the red and orange colour scheme that caught the eye of those wandering past the Vredo stand – the Dutch slurry-and-muck specialist has also launched a new monster tractor unit to carry a 32,000-litre slurry tank.

The design centres around a mid-mounted, 16-litre Deutz engine rated to 544hp, which is coupled to a spanking new, Vredo-made CVT.

The transmission has two ranges of 0-20kph and 0-50kph and has permanent all-wheel drive.

All three axles will steer (although the third one lifts during steering), the front axle is hydraulically suspended and rear axles are walking beam type.

On top there’s a Claas-built cab and five double acting spools provide oil at the back.

As well as a 32,000-litre slurry system, the flat loading platform will carry a 27cu m muck-spreading box, a sugar beet transport box, a wood chipper or a silage dozer for working on the clamp.

The basic tri-axle tractor unit will cost €415,000 and if you get it with all the trimmings, including slurry tank, front-mounted pump and filter, the list price climbs to €496,000.