What’s on your Christmas list?

So, as another Christmas draws near, we on the Machinery Desk (David and I, that is) were wondering what we’d like on our Christmas lists. And having a little peek on the forums, we’re not the only ones…

Have you been particularly well-behaved? Will Father Christmas answer your requests? We want to know what’s on your list, what item you’d like sitting in your farmyard come Christmas morning or what piece of workshop kit you’re desperate for.

Whether you’re a livestock or an arable farmer, a contractor or you’re still at college – we know there’ll be a long list of kit you’ve been drooling over for months and we want to know what’s on it.

It doesn’t have to be all farm-machinery related – it can be a car, an ATV… a trip to the Caribbean… But knowing you lot (and myself) it’ll be something big and shiny no doubt above all that!

Post your list on our special forum thread here.

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